“Erin Pillman is a wellspring of knowledge, compassion, and spiritual wisdom. She gave me permission to just be me, and I felt a sense of unconditional positive regard which was truly freeing. It was such a relief to fully express myself, and after our session I felt like I could move forward in my life in a new way.”

~ Elizabeth DenDekker (Sheboygan Falls, WI)

“Erin’s ability to hold a safe space is phenomenal. She is open and aware of what I would call an ’empathic listening.’ It’s a level of listening that is filled with compassion and alertness. Her ability to mirror back to me what I was expressing showed me that she listened to something deeper than just my words. After our session my heart felt lighter, and I had more mental clarity about my next steps. I’m so grateful to have her as a friend and resource for healing!”

~ Antwan Linton Penn (Newark, NJ)

“My session with Erin was very helpful. I didn’t realize how powerful it would be to feel really heard about something that is important to me in my life. Not only did I feel heard, but I also received helpful feedback at just the right times, and had many of my own realizations while talking to her. The way she reflected back the session through song at the end felt so good, and it solidified that feeling that this was a healing space in which I could really be seen and heard. I’m so grateful for the ways in which the session inspired me to take some important next steps so that I can live my gifts more fully into the world.”

~ Raj Solanki (Denver, CO)

“Writing can be a solitary pursuit, and so it helps to have someone with whom to mull over ideas. It’s hard, however, to always find a receptive audience for workshopping material. It’s doubly difficult to trust just anyone to treat your work with the same respect as you the author. Speaking with Erin helped me to work through my outline. She listened very carefully and asked pertinent questions, facilitating solutions to some of the more tedious plot conundrums. It often helps simply to talk things out, to which end I have found Erin to be a helpful and trustworthy ear.”

~ Kiye Apreala (Boston, MA)