Welcome to Wellspring Listening!

Wellspring Listening is a service provided by Erin Pillman.

Because sometimes we all just need…

  • A listening ear
  • To be seen/heard
  • To talk something through
  • To bounce ideas off someone
  • To be asked the right questions so our own inner wisdom can be invited to speak

You will connect with Erin by phone.

In your session, she will provide a listening ear and compassionate heart, and a safe space in which you can express yourself freely and fully.

In your session, Erin will primarily listen, and will also ask some questions and offer a few insights in order to guide the conversation.

Everything you share with her during the session will be held in the strictest of confidence.

And at the end of the session, Erin will sing a personalized, improvisational song for you.





About Erin

Erin Pillman has worked with thousands of clients and students through the years.  She has had the honor and privilege of sharing her knowledge of yoga, meditation, raw vegan food preparation, journaling, Spanish, and so forth, with students around the United States.  She has also facilitated Song Ceremonies for individuals, couples, and groups of people in the U.S. and also internationally.

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Throughout these years, Erin has also been on her own personal path of healing and awakening.  Ever a devotee of truth, knowledge, and wisdom, Erin has studied with some incredible teachers, has read and researched extensively many subjects within the realms of health, spirituality, psychology, social justice, and so forth.  And she has worked with many healers, therapists, astrologers, coaches, etc.

At a certain point, it became exceedingly clear to Erin that what she most needed was simplicity.  Spaciousness.  Clarity.  And to work diligently to clear her inner world from all the excess that had accumulated there.

Erin realized that generally speaking, she did NOT need more of many things she had previously been consistently seeking/acquiring/accumulating.

And she was no longer interested in paying healers to facilitate healing for her that never seemed to result in any actual noticeable benefits.  She was tired of the big promises made by so many in the “self improvement” industry that all too often are eventually exposed as empty.

Erin had noticed that the therapy sessions that seemed to be most beneficial were with therapists who asked a lot of excellent questions, and encouraged Erin to access her own inner wisdom about any given situation.  And she also noticed that having someone hold space for her allowed her to discover things that she may not have when sitting alone.  There was something about having someone sit with her that created a more powerful environment for new information to emerge.

These therapists would offer some insights of their own as well, but the main focus was about giving Erin the space within which she could discover her own truth.

Erin loves holding a clean, clear space in which her clients can access their own inner wisdom and guidance.  Erin does chime in from time to time when she feels called to add something to the conversation.  But overall, the space is for the client to fully express himself or herself.  And Erin’s clients consistently report that they feel much clearer and able to move forward in a new way after their sessions.

The Wellspring Listening service is designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to fit into your life. In service to simplicity, spaciousness, and clarity.  To wisdom and guidance from within. And to strengthening trust of one’s own inner connection to truth.


Privacy Guarantee

Erin absolutely guarantees your privacy.  She will never share anything you discuss with her during your session.